Long summer days can get boring, but not if you make some of our summer craft ideas. Here are enjoy some of our favourite summer crafts for kids.

Celebrate the arrival of summer with some of our summer crafts for kids! All our ideas are adaptable for all ages of kids, and most are quick and easy to make with materials you will already have.The best part is that all of these things make great kids spring crafts and are a lot of fun to do on a rainy day or a day that’s still a little too cold to go outside to play. These spring crafts are all made with fun materials, many of which you most likely already have in your home. As always, we created and tested all of these crafts in our own home so we can assure you that they are all fun and child.

6 Fun Spring and Summer Crafts for kids

6 Fun Spring and Summer Crafts for kids

Flower Pressing

Collecting the flowers belongs to the fun, and is an excellent job for little ones as you can supervise them in their adventure to find flowers – so long as you make sure your prized rose bushes are from bounds! Flower pressing simply requires some paper and a heavy book.

Make An Indoor Garden

We used bits and pieces from our junk cupboard as well as scraps of fabric and found objects from the garden to make this miniature indoor garden – a great project for a rainy afternoon, to being the outdoors inside.

Finger Painting

Messy, fun, but absolutely worth it! You simply provide the paint along with a canvas and see what your children create. You can give them guidelines to help you, such as using smaller fingers for spots and finer details, to entire hand prints for larger areas. Great to do outside on the sunny day as you don’t have to worry about wanton hands on furniture.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Spring Button Tree Craft

This frame-worthy art piece will help teach your child about the seasons. Create a bare winter tree using brown yarn, then welcome spring by adding tissue paper leaves and button berries. Simple, easy, and very pretty on display.

Giant Bubbles

These are brilliant for kids of all ages and won’t make any mess – provided you keep the bubble fun outside, or else you could end up with a soapy floor! Collect some string and make a large loop, then dip it to your soapy mixture to make huge bubbles. The mixture recipe can be found online, or buy a large bottle of ‘bubbles’ from the pound shop or similar type of shop.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are fun and very easy to make. They are also also create a great gift for friends and enhance long-lasting friendships. What you’ll need: long strings of various colours, scissors, charms or beads.