Christian crafts offer many different opportunities for demonstrating and celebrating faith.

Halloween can be a difficult time for Christian parents. Sometimes Christian children have a hard time understanding how they are different from their secular friends.

Christian Halloween Crafts

Christian Halloween Crafts

Christian crafts offer many different opportunities for demonstrating and celebrating faith. Crafters can decorate Christian crosses for home décor or as an activity to do with church groups. Christian crafts for kids are a great way to engage children with Christianity and serve as an excellent teaching aid. Homemade crafts featuring Biblical characters or angels also make wonderful Christian gifts at Christmas, Easter and other occasions.

Witnessing With Candy Packs

Halloween provides a great opportunity to reach out to the children in your neighborhood with a Christian message. Using construction paper and tape, help the kids make palm-sized candy envelopes. Write bible verses or the words of Jesus somewhere and “Happy Halloween, Christ Loves You!” on the other side. Fill the envelopes with candy corn or any other small packaged candy and then tape them shut.

Religious Halloween Crafts

Candy Corn Lanterns

Candy corn is a favorite Halloween candy. With just a few supplies you may make a candy corn lantern. For each child, you’ll need a clean glass jar, like a small Mason jar. Have each child paint the outside of her jar with white craft paint. Provide the children candy corn stamps with some orange paint to decorate the jar. Let them finish off their craft by tying some raffia around the jar rim. You could use a theme like “Jesus is the Light from the World” or “God’s Love is Sweet.”

Pumpkin Bags

Make use of a pumpkin bag craft to teach your kids concerning the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The daddy, Son and Holy Spirit could be illustrated with the three parts of a pumpkin: the rind, meat and seeds. Every child will need a brown paper lunch bag, some orange paint and paintbrushes. Pre-cut green omits of construction paper. Kids can paint their bags with orange paint at the beginning of class. To finish off the craft, they glue green leaves to the top of the bag. At the end of class, fill each bag with treats for kids to take home with them.

Christian Crafts for Kids

Christian Halloween Crafts for Kids

Christian Halloween Crafts for Kids

Beaded Inset Cross

This craft looks messy but liquid beads make decorating easy. Kids can paint and decorate their very own Christian crosses with these materials.

Bell Angel

This simple beading project makes a pretty angel window decoration. Kids will probably need adult help with the beading wire, or they can use thread for the easiest version.