king Christmas Candy crafts with kids can go a long way in bringing more Christmas cheer to your home.

These candy loaded candy cane sleighs will not only make great gifts for your kids’ friend, Make use of your favorite candies to make not just the engine, but other cars.

Christmas Candy Crafts for Kids

Christmas Candy Crafts for Kids

This craft constitutes a great centerpiece for your Christmas party. Provide the trains away as party favors, too. Making Christmas Candy crafts with kids will go a long way in bringing more Christmas cheer for your home. You can use some of these simple holiday crafts inside your December decorating, or make use of the candy cane crafts as homemade holiday gifts out of your children to friends and family members. Grandparents especially love handmade gifts from kids. Try some of these free craft ideas while using popular holiday candy cane symbol his or her inspiration.

Christmas Candy Kabobs

Wooden skewers produce the base for this Christmas candy craft. Gather a range of different Christmas candies to use on the kabobs. Soft candies work best since you can slide them right to the skewer. Hard candies with a hole in the centre also work. Set out bowls of the candies and allow the children thread the candy to the skewer in whatever pattern they need. If you’re doing this craft in a kids’ Christmas party, have some large plastic baggies available so the kids can take their candy kabobs home.

Candy Tree

A Styrofoam cone produces the base for a candy Christmas tree. Craft stores sell Styrofoam cones inside a variety of sizes. Use any size cone, for the way large you want your end product. Wrapped candies are placed to the cone to cover it completely, using either hot glue or straight pins to carry the candies in place. An alternative choice is to cover the Styrofoam with frosting and press unwrapped candies in it to hold them in place. For any smaller version, use a sugar cone because the base.

Candy Cane Yarn Ornament

This candy cane activity requires a bit of dexterity, so it might not be suited for young children. It involves wrapping red and white yarn around a pipe cleaner (chenille) to produce a bendable candy cane decoration or craft. You might make this into a keychain, adding an additional loop to it.

Paper Candy Cane Craft

Candy Crafts for Kids

Candy Crafts for Kids

These paper candy canes are activity totally addictive to create. Make a dozen and tie these to a long piece of yarn and hang up them in your window or in your tree. They will make your home look so festive!

Candy Canes

Candy canes may be used in a variety of ways at Christmas. You may make a fabulous centerpiece using a pillar candle exactly the same height as your candy canes, hot glue and ribbon. Hot glue candy canes so they are touching around the candle. Wrap having a large red ribbon and put on a small charger for the perfect centerpiece.

Kids Candy Crafts

A wonderful Christmas craft is making reindeer out of candy canes. You just need some pipe cleaner antlers plus some wiggly eyes. Then add a puffy ball nose. Wearing a ribbon bow is cute, too. The kids can hang them around the tree and view their project all Christmas season.