Halloween crafts for kids, all of which can be adapted for children of all ages and are fun to do without too much preparation.

Halloween is a great time to be creative. There are so many different crafts to do with kids. Below are a list of fun and easy crafts to do with children of all ages. Halloween is such a great holiday to share with your children and we have yet to meet one that didn’t love to do Halloween themed crafts to prepare for the big night! We have great ideas for decorations for your home, pumpkins made out of a variety of materials and even a haunted house made out of popsicle sticks! These Halloween crafts for kids will appeal to kids of all ages and, as always, we have made every one of them in the own home to ensure that they are child friendly and fun.

halloween craft for children

halloween craft for children

Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Cardboard paper masks

From simple colorful masks to their favorite characters, your kids can make the cardboard paper masks of their dream, which means children are happy and your wallet isn’t empty. Start with drawing layouts on the cardboard papers, then cut them along and let your kids decorate the masks however they like. Their can either create some creepy faces or make a few simple colorful masks. It all depends on the age of the child and their desire for crafting. Pumpkin-themed paper masks are wonderful options too. Keep an eye on your kids when they decide to make masks.


Follow the same steps above for the Pumpkin Lantern, but do it on an inverted plastic cup. Add googly eyes and punched out black dots for a mouth. Punch a hole in the top and insert a pipe cleaner ‘stem’. A super cute little pumpkin for those who wish to avoid using glass such as in the above two ideas.

Halloween Moon

This Halloween moon is so simple to do but very effective. Obviously you will have to cut out the bat shapes for younger children, but they can still enjoy sticking them to their “moon”. For an even quicker version, substitute a white paper plate for the silver card.

Footprint Ghost

Every now and then we do a craft that the daughter asks to do over and over again and this footprint ghost craft is one of them. This is a fantastic preschool Halloween craft for kids and it makes a wonderful way to capture how small your child’s footprint is this year. This cute ghost craft makes a great homemade Halloween decoration as well.

halloween candle jars

halloween candle jars

Spaghetti Spider Webs

Spaghetti spider webs are easy to make for all ages and produce a scary and unique homemade Halloween decoration to be hung around the home. Once you’ve made one web, your kids will be hooked and you can come up with a wide range of spidery Halloween craft ideas to fill every corner of your home with wispy webs and eerie eyes watching you.

Paper plate fun

This Halloween, one of the easiest crafts you can do requires only a paper plate, markers, tape and tissues. Have your child design a friendly ghost’s face on their paper plate using markers or googly eyes. Next, tape tissue, tissue paper or white party streamers to the back of the plate to make the ghost’s body. Hang the paper plate on your front door, your child’s room or right on the fridge.