Living room is an important room. You use them to accept your beloved guest such as your closest friend, your relatives, or neighbor, and so on.

The living room is a place where family members tend to hang out as well as entertain their guests. Arranging living room furniture in a right way decides whether your living room looks cluttered and overstuffed or an organized comfortable room where you like to spend most of your time. We will learn how to make a living room furniture layout and see how living room furniture placement can help us in making our lives easier. The first step to plan how to put the furniture in the living room is to measure up the room and draw a sketch of the room on a graph paper using a scale such as ΒΌ in to 1 ft. Note down where and how many windows and doors are situated in the living room, their size, the height of the windowsills and the space between the windows and the doors.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Be sure to mark the location of the electrical points and outlets, telephone point, cable and light switches in the living room to help you know what goes where. You can also use small-scale furniture paper cutouts to see your living room will look after arranging the furniture. Choose a focal point of the living room and arrange your furniture and lighting around it. Some of the popular focal point ideas in a living room are a fireplace, a view from the window, window opening out in a garden, a large bookcase, sofa with a special painting hung above it, a home theater system or big size plasma television.

Placement of Furniture

Focal Point

The first step, when coming up with living room furniture arrangement ideas, is to select a focal point in the room. Every living room must have a focal point which can be anything, from a bay window to the classic living room arrangement furniture ideas of a fireplace or even a console table. It can be anything that you think reflects the style of the whole room or the house. Identifying the focal point is half the battle won. Once you have selected a focal point, go about your living room furniture layout in such a way that it accentuates the beauty of the focal point. It is not necessary that each piece of furniture faces the focal point, but in a way is made to underscore its importance. Every chair in the living room or even the knick-knacks should be placed or accessorized in such a way that they take away from the focal point.

Less is More

A key element to remember for any living room furniture arrangement is not to clutter your room. When selecting furniture, it is very important to keep in mind the area of your room. No matter how stylish the pieces of furniture is, by cluttering too many pieces, you are not only taking away the beauty of the furniture, but also making the room unpractical and difficult to get in to or get out of. For any room, along with looking great, it is also equally important to be practical, that is having more than one entry or exit point. The furniture should be arranged in such a way that there is a natural flow.

Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture

Dividing the Space

All rooms have different shapes and sizes, and one common problem that is faced while coming up with living room furniture layout ideas is when you have a long living room. If you have a long or large living room, then the living room furniture arrangement can be done by dividing the room to bring intimacy and a comfortable sense of scale to the room. You can either make it into two sections of living and dining, or even create two living room sections – one formal and another a little casual. For ideas, you can look at furniture arrangement photos in magazines.

Maximizing the Space

While it is important to remember that less is more in living room decorating, it is also important to remember to learn how to maximize the space available. The key here is to choose such pieces of furniture which double up as functional pieces as well. One of the best living room furniture arrangement examples is nesting tables, storage ottomans or end tables with inbuilt drawers. Such kind of furniture examples will allow you to keep your living room neat, and still maximize the space, thus, making it a golden rule in living room furniture arrangement.