This holiday season, help your kids make some fun and easy Christmas crafts!

Religious crafts for children are our specialty. Christian crafts are perfect for Sunday School, VBS, Bible class, churches and religious

Christmas Crafts Ideas for Kids

Christmas Crafts Ideas for Kids

organisations. Religious crafts for kids will also be ideal for children’s organisations for example Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies and Guides. There exists a wide selection of seasonal crafts including Easter crafts, Christmas crafts, spring crafts, harvest crafts and Valentine crafts. We have Bible story craft kits, Christian craft supplies, Jesus craft kits, Nature crafts, stickers and stationery, Sunday School savers packs and Christian incentives, gifts and favours.

As Christmas gets near, those people who are religious hold that holiday not far from them and enjoy celebrating the numerous wonderful things that Christmas means. If you are looking for some crafts you can do this year to celebrate Christmas whilst showing off a religious aspect, then here are a few options for you.

Christmas Necklace

Creating a Christmas necklace is an easy, no-mess activity. All you need is yarn or string, a wooden cross and necklace beads with letters printed in it. The cross should have a little hole or loop at the very top. Pick a phrase with two words for example “Merry Christmas” or “Jesus saves” so you know which letter beads to purchase. Place the yarn out on a table. Starting from the left side from the string, string the letters from the last word of the phrase around the yarn, starting with the last letter.

Angel with Hand Wings

This easy project requires white construction paper, glue then one to color with such as colored pencils, crayons or markers. Cut a tall triangle with two equal sides from the construction paper to serve because the body of the angel, and cut a circle from construction paper for everyone as the angel’s head. Glue the circle to the peak front of the triangle and allow it to dry. Ask the children to trace each of their hands on construction paper.

Baby Jesus Ornament

Religious Christmas Crafts Ideas for Kids

Religious Christmas Crafts Ideas for Kids

Spread cheer this Christmas season with this particular fantastic Christmas ornament craft. Hang this Baby Jesus Ornament out of your tree – it’s a fantastic religious craft that’s certain to impress.

Christmas Nativity Scene

Christmas nativity crafts are such wonderful things to do with kids. Your kids can find out about the meaning of Christmas. Plus, they reach paint. Some materials you need to create this Christmas Nativity Scene include paint, a clothespin, hot glue, and planter dishes.

Felt Nativity Banner

If you would like your kids to get into the Christmas spirit, then ask them to make this Felt Nativity Banner. Get creative with one of these cheap kids’ crafts. The little ones (as well as the older ones) can toss in their own interpretation of nativity, too.

Birth of Jesus Crafts

This web site contains an entire nativity series of bible crafts for kids centering around Jesus’ birth. You won’t just find this page full of religious crafts, additionally, it has Christmas Sunday school lessons and teaching aids to show kids about the birth of Jesus.